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Hi Rebecca and thanks for the quest=

people only have to show their proof of unemp=
loyment (or other) at our stand in order to get coupon, not at the vets.=
As far as people with more than 1 dog, I wou=
ld say yes, give them coupons for the number of dogs they have please.
If anyone else has questions, please let us kn=
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Wed, 11 Feb 2015 22:57:16 +0200


Re: Saturday 14th Feb.

Great, thanks for the info :-)
Some questions:
If people have more than one dog, can we give them more than on=
e coupon or will the other dogs go first on the waiting list?=C2=A0
If this last thing is the case, will i.e. dog 2 & 3 both get a=
microchip if people are called from the waiting list or first dog 2, th=
en rest of the waiting list and then dog 3 etc.? Hope this makes sense.
Do they have to show the card of proof=
that they are unemployed, students etc. also at the vets? I.e. when a s=
tudent comes, (s)he needs to register the dog in his/her name when dog i=
s micro chipped or not necessary?
Good luck e=
verybody :-)
Regards, Rebecca
On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 5:50 PM, Cretan Animal Welfare=
Hi everyone!
It seems everythi=
ng is set up for Saturday’s free MCs!
went out to all areas of Heraklion and Hersonisos Municipalities, Evgen=
ia has the written permit for Heraklion and Mr. Chronakis is sending the=
permit for Hersonisos tomorrow, the facebook notice has over 13.500 vis=
its, 60 likes and 180+ shares so I hope we have enough MCs. 100 are in H=
eraklion and 63 in Hersonisos.=C2=A0
The stan=
d will have some basic CAWS info and the MCs papers. People with proof t=
hey are unemployed (=CE=AC=CE=BD=CE=B5=CF=81=CE=B3=CE=BF=CF=82), student=
(=CF=86=CE=BF=CE=B9=CF=84=CE=B7=CF=84=CE=AE=CF=82), retired (=CF=83=CF=
=85=CE=BD=CF=84=CE=B1=CE=BE=CE=B9=CE=BF=CF=8D=CF=87=CE=BF=CF=82), large=
family (=CF=80=CE=BF=CE=BB=CF=8D=CF=84=CE=B5=CE=BA=CE=BD=CE=BF=CF=82),=
special needs (=CE=91=CE=9C=CE=95=CE=91) are entitled to a coupon – ple=
ase write their name and the coupon number given, on the spacial paper l=
ist you will have.
Please ask people who thei=
r vet is and only if it is Litinas, explain he does not participate so t=
hey must go to another. If they mention any other vet, they can go to th=
I will be taking all necessary things to=
Evgenia on Friday, and on Saturday I will probably bring the table to H=
ersonisos and (weather permitting) be in Marley costume to attract atten=
Josee, are you able please after the 28=
th Feb. when the coupon deadline is, to again collect papers from vets a=
nd give the replacement MCs and paravola?
nk you all and let me know if you have any questions at all!

web site: www.crete4a=

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