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“A world in which animals and the environment are respected and protected”

The ethical basis for CAWS’s policies is that it looks beyond the conservation of a species to the welfare of individual animals. It is CAWS’s belief that each individual has an intrinsic value, and should be respected and protected.

Animals have biologically determined instincts, interests and natures, and can experience pain. Thus CAWS believes that animals have the right to live their lives free from avoidable suffering at the hands of humans, rather than be used simply as ‘raw materials’ for the benefit of mankind. Indeed, CAWS believes that it is the duty of humans to provide for the welfare of other species.

CAWS believes that all animals kept by, or under the control of, humans must be kept in circumstances appropriate to their species. Further, where the physiological and behavioural needs of a species cannot be met, the species must not be kept by man.

CAWS believes that where the welfare of an animal under human control is in question, then the animal must be given the benefit of any doubt. Furthermore, the different purposes for which animals are used must be regularly re-evaluated.