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CAWS believes that setting firm foundations for a humane future means teaching youth about respect and empathy towards all living beings and the environment.

In the past we have:

  • Visited schools and other establishments, having presented to over 2000 children of all ages. We have also trained volunteers of other animal protection organisations to do the same. However, this type of HE is challenging to use due to the regulation set by the Ministry of Education, limited resources and difficulties in monitoring and evaluation methods.
  • Created activity leaflets for children aimed at two age groups in order to raise public awareness.
  • Ran a Kindness Clubs pilot project for 2 years, monitored by a child psychologist in order to estimate the behaviour change in youngsters after a certain number of monthly meetings. Unfortunately, our sample sizes were too small to indicate any significant behaviour changes.

Now, we are working on the Respect website which will make existing international Humane Education resources and games – translated into Greek – available nationwide to organisations, teachers and youth.